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MOLMAT has a specialised team and the equipment needed to successfully create, develop and finish casting moulds for injected aluminium.

The moulds for automating the aluminium injection casting process have a close tolerance range, so they require extreme precision and are guaranteed to give high durability and high repeatability. For these projects, MOLMAT has a team that specialises in this type of component/smelter and the specific equipment required.


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MOLMAT’s Plastic division is focused on automotive parts with high quality or aesthetic requirements or complexity. We make rotary and two-material moulds, exposed pieces, interior and exterior moulds, pieces with a multitude of mechanisms, etc,

In this division, MOLMAT has a specialised team with much experience with this type of project and with the best machinery and equipment.


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MOLMAT’s Maintenance and Repair division comprises a skilled multidisciplinary team who have the necessary technology to maintain, repair or modify aluminium or plastic injection moulds with the best value for money and safety.

In this division, MOLMAT guarantees that maintenance projects are carried out economically, quickly and efficiently.