June 2019

April 2019


By | April 20th, 2019|Future|

In March MOLMAT held a strategy meeting with all staff in the business to present the strategy for the next three years. MOLMAT has been following a plan for global growth over the past five years. That process has led the business to improve its facilities, to acquire leading-edge machinery and technology, to increase its [...]


By | April 3rd, 2019|Human Resources|

The career plans project launched a number of months ago has been successful and is now moving into its second phase: the review and improvement of plans. The main objective for this exercise is to improve training through knowledge transfer and internal support from our teams. Out of all the plans that have been prepared, [...]

March 2019


By | March 20th, 2019|Sales|

MOLMAT now has a new technical office and a new office design, including a new 25 m2meeting room with video-conferencing and wi-fi. Our new technical office is 50 m2. It has new telecommunication capabilities and ergonomic office furniture which allows us to adopt the best working posture. This extension represents an investment by MOLMAT in [...]

February 2019

January 2019

MOLMAT continues to grow

By | January 17th, 2019|Future|

MOLMAT ends 2018 with higher investment than previous years and on track under its expansion and growth plan. The objectives achieved in 2018 were to boost our customer-facing aims and processes and to continue to invest in people, machines and software. At MOLMAT we are going to continue to boost our pre-sale and post-sale service. [...]

December 2018

Heart health in the workplace

By | December 17th, 2018|Human Resources|

MOLMAT has installed a DEA Cardiac Science G5 defibrillator. It is an automatic external defibrillator equipped to take a reading of the heart rate and identify arrhythmias and to administer an electric shock to re-establish the heart beat with high levels of safety. This makes MOLMAT a cardio-protected space, reducing workplace risk for its staff [...]