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In April, MOLMAT had a teambuilding session at Equiemocion. The activity is intended to build communication within the team and disrupt established group dynamics. Horses are herd animals with set roles and hierarchies, which makes them ideal for observing patterns of leadership and non-verbal communication, both in the horses themselves and in ourselves. Interacting with [...]

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In March MOLMAT held a strategy meeting with all staff in the business to present the strategy for the next three years. MOLMAT has been following a plan for global growth over the past five years. That process has led the business to improve its facilities, to acquire leading-edge machinery and technology, to increase its [...]

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The career plans project launched a number of months ago has been successful and is now moving into its second phase: the review and improvement of plans. The main objective for this exercise is to improve training through knowledge transfer and internal support from our teams. Out of all the plans that have been prepared, [...]

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Teambuilding: blind wine tasting

At MOLMAT we see teambuilding as a chance to get to know each other and improve our teamwork even further. Something energetic and fun that helps the whole team to grow and develop. Blind wine tasting was chosen by the staff, specifically by Ramon Cristofol, the finance director who is also something of a wine [...]

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MOLMAT now has a new technical office and a new office design, including a new 25 m2meeting room with video-conferencing and wi-fi. Our new technical office is 50 m2. It has new telecommunication capabilities and ergonomic office furniture which allows us to adopt the best working posture. This extension represents an investment by MOLMAT in [...]

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