The career plans project launched a number of months ago has been successful and is now moving into its second phase: the review and improvement of plans.

The main objective for this exercise is to improve training through knowledge transfer and internal support from our teams. Out of all the plans that have been prepared, we would single out as an example the ADVANCED INJECTION COURSE for the calibration career path in the test and knowledge section. Following the conclusion of the first phase of the project, the course is being developed and will be an important part of the training of MOLMAT’s teams.

Career plans are proving to be are good option for businesses that want to motivate and involve staffin the life of the business, training people and so developing workers who are as effective as possible and who have chances to develop professionally. And it is by approaching the issue from that perspective, with a focus on Human Resources, that businesses can improve outcomes in terms of efficiency and productivity and, consequently, profitability. Our human capital has been and continues to be one of MOLMAT’s values through our development.

A career plan is effectively a training programme that the business agrees with an employee, which takes account of the intended aims and objectives. The career plan takes into account matters such as the commitment made by the employee and the business, the duration of the plan, the employee’s life story, their prior training, their career to-date and their knowledge and skills. The business can draw up a continuous training plan, assess that plan and help employees to develop and prosper in an effective way.

At MOLMAT we believe in people, in our teams and in continuous improvement.