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Heart health in the workplace

MOLMAT has installed a DEA Cardiac Science G5 defibrillator. It is an automatic external defibrillator equipped to take a reading of the heart rate and identify arrhythmias and to administer an electric shock to re-establish the heart beat with high levels of safety. This makes MOLMAT a cardio-protected space, reducing workplace risk for its staff [...]

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Vicente Andreu, new team leader and head of machines

Vicente Andreu has joined the MOLMAT team as a team leader and head of machines. A key position for the consolidation of the growth that MOLMAT has planned for the next few years. At MOLMAT we believe that with team work, continuous training and the greatest posible professionalism we can improve every day.

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We are launching career plans

As part of the policy of continuous training that MOLMAT introduced in 2016, we are now launching our career plans. The main aim is to improve training through knowledge transfer and mutual support within our teams. Career plans are a good tool for businesses whose aims include motivating and involving their staff in the life of [...]

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Ramón Cristòfol, new finance director

Ramón Cristòfol is the new head of the finance department. His recruitment allows MOLMAT to strengthen its finance department and provide a solid base for the growth expected in coming years in the different areas of the business. At MOLMAT we strive to improve every day and to create an ever better trained, more cohesive [...]

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ISO 9001 Certification

MOLMAT has renewed its certification up to 2021. ISO 9001 certifications is based on the following 8 points: Leadership: Establish direction and aims Customer focus: understand and respond to the needs of the customer Involvement of people: motivation Process approach: management of resources and activities as a process Systems approach to management: process-based management as [...]

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Our deepest thanks to Fátima Carvalho

María Fátima Carvalho was part of the MOLMAT team heading up cleaning and maintenance. She will shortly embark on a new phase in her life which will see her move to Galicia. MOLMAT wants to put on record its gratitude for Fátima’s sterling work, for her constant, business-like cheerfulness and wishes her every success in [...]

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New FIKUS software

MOLMAT has also acquired Fikus Visualcam, software from Cimatech CAD/CAM for the most advanced wire in the industry. Fikus Visualcam makes it possible to machine any mould, die, core, cavity shape or profile. It also makes it possible to control any cutting parameter, including offsetting, automatic threading, position of the wire, constant and variable taper, and our [...]

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New 10t overhead crane

At MOLMAT, we've acquired and installed a new 10t ABUSoverhead crane to complement, within the same warehouse, the previously installed 20t overhead crane. With this new overhead crane, we’ve reduced waiting time for settings which has in turn allowed us to improve production and increase profitability. In this case, the overhead crane is from the manufacturer ABUS, one [...]

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Training at EADA Business School

At Molmat, we are in the middle of training at the EADA Business School, studying a management course on Leadership Development. The training course lasts 3 months and is presented by the prestigious EADA Business School and the l’Anoia Business Association. At Molmat, we’ve integrated continuous training into all areas of the company to improve [...]

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